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Fueling The Future

We are striving to drive an evolution towards world-class state of the art retail stations and believe in designing the energy of the future through sustainable means.

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We offer a comprehensive range of products catering to the customer requirements. Flow is strongly committed to providing products of the highest quality, adhering to all the safety and quality standards.

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Providing tailor-made fueling solutions, investing in and building retail fuel stations across the region.

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Flow At A Glance

We are an oil marketing company that strives to drive the revolution in the oil industry within the context of energy transition through sustainability. Our brand reflects a committed, reliable and a dynamic management style which characterizes our company. Flow has state of the art petrol pumps, advanced oil storage facilities and massive fleet to deliver quality products round the clock. Furthermore, we have evolved in parallel with the challenges that we have faced on a path that is carved in accordance with our vision and company culture, illustrating our continuous evolution.

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Company Profile​

Flow Petroleum is an oil marketing company that was founded by Aslam Oil Traders, a renowned group that has been working in the oil industry since the early 80’s. It was officially established in 2017 under the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and has its registered office in Lahore, Pakistan. Flow strives to add value to each step of the oil life cycle from the refinery to the end consumer. As such, we have built specific expertise and assets. We have built state of the art petrol pumps; we have developed storage facilities with significant capacities and we have created a streamlined transportation system with a large fleet of vehicles and depots. Flow is determined to support Pakistan’s energy future and seeks to revolutionize the oil industry – for the benefit of our people, our community, our partners and our nation.


To revolutionize the oil industry and to establish Flow as the leader among the global energy companies.


To provide top of the line services and products and to leverage latest technology to streamline our processes in order to expand both locally and globally

CEO's Message

We are constantly investing to improve our performance. We are diversifying our product range; we are expanding the capacity of our storage facilities and we are developing retail and non-fuel retail outlets all over the country. Our customers are front and center of our strategy and we are leveraging professional expertise and technology to reduce delivery time.

Products & Services


Retail Stations

We aim to provide state of the art retail stations countrywide
transportation of fuel


Company owns numerous tank trucks through its various logistics vehicles and also have backing of outsourced fleet.
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Fuel Storage

We have installed our first storage in Attock and plan to build storages countrywide
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Non Fuel Retail

Providing Non Fuel Retail initiatives such as TASMART, car wash and tyre shop at retail outlets.